Mar 19, 2023

Ideal unveils monobloc heat pump for residential applications

Hi Brian, you need someone to do a heat loss calculation on your house and that will tell you the size of the heat pump required and also if you need to increase the size of the radiators etc. Without that information it's hard to say if a hybrid would suit your situation but this heat pump would not work as a hybrid solution I wouldn't think as it's a monobloc. I would be a little wary of the fact that Ideal only offer two sizes of heat pumps, I’m not sure if they can be rated down for your application otherwise I would be worried about the heat pump being oversized and wasting energy. At Daikin you can get heat pumps from 4-16 class (KW). You can also get a hybrid solution if you need higher flow temperatures and these switch between the heat pump and the gas boiler depending on what is more efficient at the time. Another option is a high temperature heat pump which can deliver flow temperatures of up to 75 degrees, these are great if you can't replace radiators in an old house for example and if set up correctly still have great SCOP's. Hopefully this helps.