May 04, 2023

Shop Best Buy smartwatches and wearables: Fitbit, Garmin, more



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High tech and high fashion? Why not both?

In today's day and age, the lines between fashion and function are totally blurred, with people rocking their smartwatches with their dresses and sleep-tracking rings right next to designer jewelry.

Smartwatches and wearables are taking the world by storm, and Best Buy thankfully carries a wide range, from watches to rings that track everything from sleep, heart rate, steps, workouts and more.

Speaking of range, since there are so many brands and gadgets out there, we rounded up the best brands of the bunch, highlighting Samsung, Fitbit, Oura, Amazfit, WHOOP, Garmin and the Google Pixel Watch (that we reviewed here) and their top product.

Savvy shoppers will note that these watches and wearables are also on sale right now, but only for a limited time so be sure to set your watches accordingly and get to shopping right now.

The Samsung Galaxy opens a whole new universe when it comes to health and wellness tracking. The Watch5 Pro model is built for both the indoors and outdoors, with a newly designed screen, a longer battery life and updated navigation.

For a limited time, the watch is $70 off. Want to shop other Samsung wearables? Shop here now.

This Fitbit goes beyond just a step count. The Fitbit Versa 4 is one of the newest in the brand's lineup and has over 500 reviews and counting so far. Not only can you track your workout and steps, but keep an eye on your daily readiness score that takes sleep and energy into account, helping you plan the most optimized day.

Want to shop other Fitbit models that fit you (and your kid's) needs? Shop here now.

We recommend the Google Pixel, as we’ve had first hand experience with the smartwatch. This is a great pick for those that already use a Google Pixel smartphone, as the seamless compatibility is a great user experience. This is also a great pick for sleep tracking, with a sleep profile and readiness score after your first month of wear.

If watches aren't your thing, why not put a ring on it? The viral Oura ring is now available at Best Buy, in an array of colors including the pictured rose gold above. The Gen3 model pairs to both Apple and Android phone apps, and can track sleep, 24/7 heart rate, activity and more.

This model is now on sale for $50 off, but should you want to browse other Oura rings, shop here.

This is a high-powered smartwatch for the high-intensity person. The Garmin fēnix 7X Solar multisport GPS watch has a super impressive 28 day battery life, making it perfect for camping and outdoor adventure. Speaking of adventure, you can also download maps from all over the world, including of ski resorts and golf courses.

This model is now on a super sale, offering $200 off the ticket price. Want a different model? Shop here.

Three cheers for sleek smart technology. The WHOOP 4.0 is a subtle activity tracker that pairs to your smartphone, showing you your sleep habits, activity and workouts and provides trend reports so you can track your overall health.

As part of a Best Buy exclusive sale, shop from June 11 through the 18th and receive a free band accessory.

For a smartwatch with a full screen and a fraction of the price, choose the Amazfit smartwatch. The watch has a 12-day battery life and pairs with the Amazon Alexa smart assistant for hands-free controls.

This sleek watch is on sale for $30 right now, and see here for other models with a range of functionality.

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