Black Chrome Flat Panel Thermosyphon Solar Collector

Black Chrome Flat Panel Thermosyphon Solar Collector

Overview Black Chrome Flat Panel Thermosyphon Solar Collector Product Description: Low Pressure Solar Water Heater : 1)


Basic Info
Collector Components Flat-plate
Composition Collector
Certification CE, ISO9001, CCC, CB
Polyurethane Density 35kg/M³
Working Temperature Range Medium Temperature
Application Solar Thermal
Pipe Material Copper
Coating of Panel Black Chomre
Absorption Coefficient >96%
Transport Package Inner Poly Bag with Outer Export Carton Packing
Trademark Muyang/ OEM
Origin China
HS Code 84191200
Production Capacity 50000pieces/Year
Product Description

Black Chrome Flat Panel Thermosyphon Solar Collector

Black Chrome Flat Panel Thermosyphon Solar Collector

Black Chrome Flat Panel Thermosyphon Solar Collector

Black Chrome Flat Panel Thermosyphon Solar Collector

Black Chrome Flat Panel Thermosyphon Solar Collector

Black Chrome Flat Panel Thermosyphon Solar Collector

Product Description:

Low Pressure Solar Water Heater : 1) Energy Saving with High Efficiency 2) Nature Circulation , easily to install and operate 3) long lifespan of over 12 years 4) certification of CE , ISO , Solar Keymark ,TUV ...

Mainly Components and Funtions :

1) Vacuum tube: Hail-resisting borosilicate glass with high-tech selective coating ensures an efficient solar collecting,

2) Inner water tank: Food-grade stainless steel SUS304-2B as inner tank keeps the water clean and drinkable, together with advanced welding technics to ensure it with a long lifespan (15 years).

3) Water tank shell: Stainless steel shell is much more durable and super in anti-erosion aspect, much more durable even to ocean coast weather.

4) Insulation Layer: Density polyurethane integrated foam-forming with twice slaking treatment, preserves hot water constantly as long as 70~80 hours.

5) Supporting Bracket: Aluminum alloy plate with a good weight bearing and high wind resistance design
(140 km/hr), super mechanical performance and especially corrosion resistance, easy installation.

6)Accessories: Stainless bolts & nuts, water-proof silicon rubber, anti-aging dustproof rubber seal, plastic pipe holder and ventilating cap to ensure their lives as long as other parts of the system

Optional Devices :

1) Assistant tank : to automatically feed tap water into storage tank to keep it sufficient always
Electrical heater: as an auxiliary heating element in case of raining or snowing days so as to ensure a continous hot water supply
2)Intelligent controller : automatically controls water refill and startup of auxiliary heating device, more intelligent operation
3)Booster Pump: a choice for those area without tap water or with a unstable water supply

Company Profile

Muyang New energy enterprise profile
Muyang is China's solar hot water system, air hot water system, photovoltaic power generation and other newenergy industry leader, national high-tech enterprises. Founded in 2004, with advanced flat panel solar collectors,enamel water tank and air energy products of the whole industry chain, is a large vacuum tube solar energyproduction base in China. The balcony wall-hanging solar technology is advanced, the industry sales are outstanding,the secretary-general unit of China flat panel solar Committee, the preferred supplier of top 500 real estate enterprisesin China, and has reached strategic cooperation with many large housing enterprises in China, such as Zhonghai, Poly,China Merchants Shekou, New City Holding, Xuhui Group, Zhongnan Real Estate, Rongsheng Development and so on.

Since the establishment of the company, Muyang people on the enterprise, the product always strives for perfection,has won the China famous trademark, Shandong famous brand, home appliances to the countryside winning brand,energy-saving products benefit the people project winning enterprise, China real estate top 500 preferred supplier brand,provincial Shou contract heavy credit enterprise honors, etc. And successfully passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001certification, national mandatory 3C certification, CQC Golden Sun certification, national product leader certification,national health certification, China Tenth Ring certification, China energy-saving product certification, China environmentalprotection product certification, etc. All products have passed national and provincial laboratory inspection qualified rate of 100%.

In addition, the company has A number of professional solar energy and photovoltaic engineering construction teams, hasthe national solar energy A class construction design qualification, mechanical and electrical installation qualification, powercontracting qualification, decoration test professional power qualification and so on, was hired by the national Ministry ofConstruction as the "fifteen" science and technology research plan "building integration of solar heat collection technology"thematic task main participant. The company has explored the development of air energy coal to electricity and other fields,and has made substantial breakthroughs. Do not forget the original intention, the party has always, on the basis of theexisting brilliant, Mu Yang will, as always, the pursuit of product quality excellence, with a practice and enterprising heart,comprehensively improve people's quality of life, to create a green and healthy living environment, the yearning for a betterlife, is the goal of our struggle.


Why Choose Us?
  1. Our Product is economic and environmental;
  2. Our Product is durable and has a long service life;
  3. We have rich production experience.The quality of Product is reliable;
  4. We have a perfect production process and strict quality control system;
  5. We have perfect service system and will give you the best service.
  6. Professional Production Line.

Our Advantages
1.Cost effective solar water heating solution
2.Long operating life time but low in maintenance costs and repair requirements.
3.Short amortization rate
4.Customized solar water hating solutions.
5.High energy yield and low heat loss due to the high vacuum of the evacuated tubes and PU insulation.
6. High-quality stainless steel in the inner tank to continuously maintain a good water quality.

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