Air Energy Solar Water Heater

Air Energy Solar Water Heater

Features of all in one heat pump:1. Heating Cooling domestic hot water(DHW)2. Modular control system reduces energy loss


Basic Info
Certification CE, ISO9001, CCC, RoHS
Compressor Dorin CO2 Compressor
Water Tank Enamel
Intelligent WiFi Remote Control
Refrigerant CO2 R744 R22/134A/407c/410A
Quality Control 100% Inspection
Kw 3-220kw
Function Heating Cooling Hot Water
Transport Package Export Wooden Package
Specification 24KW
Trademark Leomon
Origin China
HS Code 8418692090
Production Capacity 50000/PCS
Product Description

Features of all in one heat pump:1. Heating Cooling domestic hot water(DHW)2. Modular control system reduces energy lossThe host provides moderate energy requirements according to the end, reducing unnecessary energy loss.The main machine does not contain electricity auxiliary heat, energy saving.The host machine of all series products of Leomon heat pumps does not contain electricity and auxiliary heat, which saves unnecessary operation cost3.Gold - aluminum condensation process rapid frost
Adopts American gold-aluminum finned evaporator technology and unique precious metal coating, which can effectively improve the evaporation efficiency of air and rain water according to the operation condition of air energy in special environment. -25ºC can also be highly effective for heating.

*Economical and high-efficiency: Save average 70% heating cost than electric heaters.*Water Circulation: Easy installation and acquaintance*Quiet Running: High-efficiency, low noise rotary compressor, low noise fan, the main unit works at extremely quiet condition.*Intelligent: Full automatic and intelligent controller, no need any manual operation.

Longer life span

Air Energy Solar Water Heater

Over 300 patents, decades experience, patents parts intergration, flexible installtion, high COP, high effective

Heat pumps working very well till -30ºC

CORE TECHNOLOGIES of Air To Water Heater Tank Multi Function All In One Heat Pump 50L-900LDC INVERTER COMPRESSOR Twin-Cylinder Rotary DC Inverter CompressorINVERTER TECHNOLOGY: 40Hz-120Hz Wide Frequency operation rangeSMART CONTROL SYSTEM:Hitachi DC Inverter Control System

The kinetic energy of subdivision, the water tank is free of washing for lifespan

Closed refrigerant system, safe and stable

Gold - aluminum condensation process rapid frost

Ship cabin positioning monitoring system, accurate detection of water temperature

Company introduction

20 years of professional heat pump system technology excellence

We give full play to the advantages of scientific and technical personnel, and constantly overcome the technical bottlenecks in the field of air energy water heater. We have obtained 12 invention patents, more than 50 other patents, and participated in the preparation of 25 national standards.

Air Energy Solar Water Heater

Triple supply parameters Cooling, heating and hot water functions
ItemKCHR-8I/BPSide windKCHR-13I/BPSide wind)KCHR-15I/BPSide windKCHR-15II/BP(Out of the wind)
Rated voltage220V~50Hz220V~50Hz220V~50Hz380V 3N~50Hz
Cooling and heatingNominal cooling capacity7.8kW(2kW-9kW)13kW(3kW-15kW)14.5kW(4kW-16.5kW)14.5kW(4kW-16.5kW)
Nominal cooling powerconsumption2.77KW4.6KW5.27KW5.27KW
Nominal cooling(COP)2.812.822.752.75
Nominal heating capacity8.4kW(2.5kW-9.6kW)14kW(3.5kW-16kW)17kW(4.3kW-18.5kW)17kW(2.5kW-18.5kW)
Nominal heating powerconsumption2.78KW4.5KW5.6KW5.6KW
HeatingNominal heating capacity6.8KW10.5KW13KW13KW
Nominal heatingpower consumption1.75KW2.65KW3.3KW3.3KW
Nominal heating(COP)3.883.963.933.93
Maximum operating current20A33A41A21A
Maximum power consumption4KW6.6KW7.9KW7.9KW
Rated water flow1.34m²/h2.24m²/h2.5m²/h2.5m²/h
Refrigerant/charge volumeR410A/1750gR410A/4000gR410A/4000gR410A/4800g
Water resistance≤14kPa≤15kPa≤21kPa≤21kPa
Maximum working pressure on lowpressure/high pressure side4.5Mpa/0.15Mpa4.5Mpa/0.15Mpa4.5Mpa/0.15Mpa4.5Mpa/0.15Mpa
Allowable working pressure onsuction/exhaust side4.5Mpa/0.15Mpa4.5Mpa/0.15Mpa4.5Mpa/0.15Mpa4.5Mpa/0.15Mpa
Anti-shock levelIIII
waterproof levelIPX4IPX4IPX4IPX4
Unit size (l× w × h)1030×410×865(mm)1030×410×1390(mm)1030×410×1390(mm)820×780×1700(mm)
(Cold and warm) Caliber of inletand outletDN25DN32DN32DN32
(Hot water) CaliberDN20DN25DN25DN25
Application area60100110110
Nominal refrigeration conditions: ambient dry bulb 35ºC, outlet temperature 7ºC. Nominal heating conditions: ambient dry bulb 7ºC, ambient wet bulb 6ºC,outlet temperature 45ºC
Nominal hot water production conditions: ambient dry bulb 20ºC, ambient wet bulb 15ºC, initial water temperature 15ºC, end water temperature 55ºC.

Air Energy Solar Water Heater

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