High Quality Heat Pipe Solar Collector

High Quality Heat Pipe Solar Collector

Overview Product Description The vacuum tubes absorb solar radiation and transfer into heat, pass to the fin by the tube


Basic Info
Model NO. SLR-58/1800-24
Pipe Material Copper
Pressurized Pressurized
Transport Package Carton Box or Wooden Box
Specification 1933*1845
Trademark Tianxu or OEM
Origin Weifang
HS Code 841919
Production Capacity 50000pieces/Year
Product Description

Product Description

The vacuum tubes absorb solar radiation and transfer into heat, pass to the fin by the tube wall, and then transfer to the heat pipe by the fin, after heat pipe absorbs heat, heat pipe end vaporization, transfer to condenser, then circulation because of gravity, heating the water (medium) in the manifold.

Product Parameters

High Quality Heat Pipe Solar Collector


1. Twin-glass vacuum tubes: Reliable, efficient, high temperature resistant, anti-freezing.2. There is no water in the vacuum tube, the system will still work even the tube broken.3.Red copper heat pipe, one-way transferring, fast heat transfer, less heat loss, low temperature resistance, it can be used in-35ºC.4. Aluminum alloy manifold and bracket, corrosion resistance, easy to install. It's suitable for flat and sloping roof.5. High temperature resistant polyurethane foaming/rock wool high density, good thermal insulation properties.6. High quality copper manifold, its testing pressure is 1MPa.7. Solar Keymark certification approved.8. Eco and economical , Improves the environment and save your fuel cost.

Company Profile

Since its establishment in 2002, Shandong Longguang Tianxu Solar Energy (hereinafter referred to as "Tianxu") has always engaged itself in the R&D, production, sales and service of high borosilicate glass tubes and new energy products including solar water heaters, solar vacuum tubes, solar heat collecting project, air source heat pump, photovoltaic products, etc. Tianxu has 10 sets of electric furnaces, 70 sets of solar vacuum tube production line and 3 sets of solar water heater production lines. The annual output has reached one million tons of high borosilicate glass, over 16 million solar vacuum tubes makes Tianxu the largest manufacturing base of high borosilicate glass tubes and solar vacuum tubes. In 2015, Tianxu established a joint venture company with Beijing Tsinghua Solar - the solar vacuum tube technology initiator in the world. The newly established company has the world's most advanced solar vacuum tube production lines.

Our Advantages

1.Evacuated tubes with triple layer selective absorber coating, vacuum degree≥5.2x10-4Pa, absorbing efficiency≥92.5%;2.Applied advanced leaking test technology to ensure the whole system working stably and reliably;3.With effective heat energy transferring Aluminum fins, U pipe collectors get higher temperature in short time;4.High and constant pressure polyurethane foaming technology ensure the outstanding insulation quality;5.Optimal and innovative design make collectors integrated into different buildings;6.Circulation fluid in closed copper pipes(U Pipe), no water in vacuum tubes. There is no corrosion, no leaking , no scaling, no occasional tube breakages in collectors;7.Working life ≥20 years.


High Quality Heat Pipe Solar Collector

The heat pipe solar collector always connected with existing water heating device. The selective absorber coating on the inner cover of vacuum tubes absorb solar energy, then convert solar energy into thermal energy and transfer thermal energy to heat pipe by aluminum fin.

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High Quality Heat Pipe Solar Collector


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